Charity – With Mind


MIND charity fundraising and providing information about mental health support

We believe that festivals are the perfect opportunity to generate revenue for a charity dealing with issues close to our hearts. Mental health is an issue that effects each and everyone of us, be it directly or indirectly, and mind works tirelessly helping those in need.

Charity revenue will be generated through multiple streams in a two-way process, generating revenue for an extremely worthwhile cause while simultaneously supporting local businesses.

Through our partnerships with Leeds Mind, Bradford Mind, Manchester Mind and Mind in Harrogate, we have raised over £95,000 for local mental health charities. For Newcastle Food & Drink Festival, we will be partnering with Tyneside & Northumberland Mind.


About Tyneside & Northumberland Mind

Founded in 1981, Tyneside and Northumberland Mind has over 40 years experience in providing effective mental health services to people across Tyneside and Northumberland.

Tyneside & Northumberland Mind exists to promote positive mental health, providing flexible, responsive and sustainable support services. We put people first and welcome the involvement of our local community to make our services as responsive and supportive as can be with the hope of ensuring every person has the ability to live full lives and play their full part in society.

Services use the Recovery model and are focused on improving and enhancing an individuals wellbeing, based on the principles and practices of person’s centred planning and self-directed support. From one-to-one counselling, wellbeing groups, peer-support projects, training to meet educational needs, events, workshops, and so much more, we are a team committed to supporting local people with the very best care. Whether that be with direct services, partnership programmes, or awareness raising activities.

We believe no one should face a mental health issue alone, and are here because of our community for our community.